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Concrete block molding machine, automatic hydraulic brick machine

 Our company according to the yield big or small has different models of concrete block machine for sale. Concrete block molding machine is hydraulic forming, compact structure, good stability production, high output, the performance characteristics of the specific as follows:

1, Concrete block molding machine mold changing is fast and convenient, accurate positioning, do not need proofread, save time and effort. 
2, Add large oil station, built-in strong type cooler. Hydraulic oil cooling fast, prolong the service life of hydraulic components, to ensure the stability of production under the high temperature weather. 
3, Concrete block molding machine dedicated feeder feeding. Can achieve different bricks different feeding, maintain the strength of the brick, density uniform, uniform appearance, and can improve the working efficiency.
4, Concrete block making machine hydraulic vibration, up and down vibration, duplex strength.
5, The control cabinet is loaded with frequency converter. Achieve vibration box in the instantaneous speed, explosive force strong, in order to increase the compactness of bricks.
6, Concrete block making machines equipped with electronic grading bin, automatic hydraulic brick machine, etc, are available for users to realize full automation production.
7, Adjustable electrical control cabinet adopts the automatic and manual two panels technology into a container. Can achieve automatic panels in production under the condition of sudden fault, immediately knob to manual panels, production still can be carried out, the purpose is to don't stop after boot, ensure the concrete baking-free brick machine production of normalization, in order to improve work efficiency.