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2014-11-19Bona BlockMachine > News >
Small block making machine

 Actually small brick making machine and large brick machine produce bricks are the same quality, there are no difference. Only is the production of large block molding machine is higher than small block machine. If you buy the small block machine from standard block making machine manufacturer, the quality of the clay brick products can be assured.

The advantages of small brick machine are the following points.
1. Reasonable design, compact structure, directional vibration, frequency conversion braking,   low labor intensity.
2. In the process of production, using upper and lower pressurization, it's suitable for high strength block production, after molding can be stacking 3-5 layer, and there are many moulds are suitable, so can produce various bricks.
3. Mechanical vibration gives double pressure, the product quality is good.
4. Drive motor is airtight, so it's easy to operate and maintain.
Also should be note maintenance machines in production, it can prolong the service life of the block machines.