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2015-03-12Bona BlockMachine > News >
The basic requirements of block making machine transport package

 As a block molding machine manufacture, when sales equipment, in addition to the quality of the equipment, transport packaging is also more attention to consumers. Because if in transport the machine is damaged some parts, the customer will be disappointed after receipt the damaged equipment, and manufacture also will bear the responsibility and loss. So ensure safety of products and convenient load and unload during transportation, transport package is one of the main packages in this block making machine company.

The following are the basic requirements of brick making machine transport package
First: strength, rigidity and stability are first to think about.
Second: with a waterproof, moisture, insects, corrosion, security and other protection capabilities are necessary.
Third: the package is in accordance with economical and safe requirements.
Forth: the weight, sizes, mark and form are accordance with national standards for transportation and unload.
For the sake of providing the best block making machine with you, we use metal angles at each corner of the box and each case is lined with foam plastics in protect the goods against press. Besides the block making machine, there are various fertilizer machines and brick making machines, such a, fertilizer production line, charcoal rod machine, coal machine, and screw oil press machine.