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lime-sand brick production line
 The main material of the autoclaved lime-sand brick production:
1. Tailing sand: it is the main raw materials of production autoclaved lime-sand brick according to different products, production technology and strength grade, usage is 60% ~ 60%. Tailing sand main chemical composition is SiO2 and Al2O3, and a small amount of Fe2O3, CaO, MgO style and other trace elements.
2. Sand: Sand is autoclaved lime-sand brick of siliceous material, widely used in industrial action mainly provide SiO2.
3. Calcium lime: Calcium lime is the main production autoclaved brick (CaO) quality raw material, its quality fit and unfit quality directly affect the quality of the products and the production cost. Quick lime should meet the following technical requirements: A - CaO (effective CaO) > 60%; MgO < 5%; The digestion rate < 15 min; Digestion temperature > 60 ℃.
4. Plaster: Plaster should comply with the GB/T5483-96 standard for gypsum. CaSO1 • 2 H2O ≥75%, particle size less than 150 mm.
5. Stone chips: Stone chips is the auxiliary materials of production of autoclaved tailing sand and porous brick, can have the effect of adding silica content, but also have the effect of aggregate.
The proportion of raw materials of autoclaved brick:

Raw material

Tailing sand, sand

Stone chips, slag



Ratio (%)






 The above matching with strength grade product and raw material actual situation can be adjusted.Such as:
1) tailing sand: slag: limestone = 70:18: 12
2) sand: slag: calcium carbide sludge = 65:15:20
3) sand: calcium carbide sludge = 80:20