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Automatic autoclave brick production line
 Autoclave brick with fly ash, cinder, coal gangue, slag, chemical residue or natural sand, such as (more than one or several kinds of raw materials) as the main raw material, manufacturing without high temperature calcination of a new type of wall materials.
The forming principle of autoclaved brick:
Autoclaved brick is after high temperature and high pressure in the autoclave kettle curing and is a kind of silicate products. Fly ash, coal gangue, slag and other industrial waste residue containing SiO, AL2O3, FeO, after raw materials mixing roller bearing, fully hydrated silicon formation, vitreous aluminum type, this kind of vitreous and hydrated calcium oxide compound, produce chemical reaction.
The advantage of autoclaved brick:
1. The recycling, saving soil, energy saving.
2. The source of raw materials is extremely broad.
3. To protect the ecological environment.
4. Steamed brick is light weight, high strength, heat insulation, beautiful and other performance, is conducive to building the light-duty, energy conservation.
5. High strength, water proof, weathering resistance, corrosion resistance and freeze resistance.
In the production of autoclaved brick equipment
We chose to use JYM-1280 automatic hydraulic autoclave brick making machine to produce autoclaved bricks.
Autoclaved brick machine to produce autoclaved lime-sand brick, autoclaved fly ash brick on the quality and performance are higher than that of traditional building materials, save the resources, to realize the recycling of good idea, low production cost, long service life, environmental protection and energy saving, participate in market competition, has the incomparable advantage.