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New building materials products

 New building materials use the fly ash, construction waste, industrial tail slag waste as raw material, improves the regeneration utilization, realizes the comprehensive utilization of waste, has created a huge circular economy benefit.

The feature of new building materials:
1. New building materials is high compactness, high intensity, geometry size accurate, neat and beautiful outside.
2. New building materials meet the era of energy saving, green environmental protection requirements. 
3. New wall materials with light weight, good insulation, saving soil, decoration characteristic.
4. New wall materials can significantly reduce the building self-respect, suitable for high-rise buildings.
5. It implements the resource saving, and realized recycling, low production cost, long service life, environmental protection and energy saving.
New building materials production equipment:
New building materials brick molding machine with sand, fly ash, coal gangue, slag, limestone, gravel, construction waste, cement and so on as raw materials, through different mould replacement and simple touch screen operation produce standard bricks and hollow bricks, blind hole brick, square brick, brick road pavements and other new type of industrial architecture and bricks of life.

Capacity of JYM-1280 bricks making production line


Overall size (mm)

Quantity (block/h)

Standard brick



Blind hollow brick



Hollow brick